Junghee Lee, Piano/Voice

Junghee Lee is native of Seoul, South Korea and has been playing piano for over 20 years. During that time, she has developed her musicianship under the guidance of several teachers from various musical styles including Beayang Suk Huang, Jihoon Kim, and Yun Han. Junghee’s musical interests cover a wide range of styles from classical to contemporary worship and jazz piano. While a student of Ms. Huang, Junghee dedicated her time to studying the works of Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Brahms, and Vivaldi. Junghee Lee attended Anyang University in Seoul, South Korea and during that time, studied classical voice performance under Bong Gu Jeon. While a student of Mr. Jeon, Junghee’s musical interests were focused in opera, musical theater, and popular music. Throughout her musical studies, Junghee was an active teacher in piano and owned and managed her own piano studio from 2004-2006. During that time, she developed her teaching philosophy that put communication at the forefront of her pedagogical style. Junghee is a firm believer in  developing good communication between the student and teacher in order to accelerate the learning process and show the student results in the least amount of time. Junghee’s musical goals include film scoring, composition, and to compose a musical score for various independent films. In her free time, Junghee interests include yoga, cooking, coffee, and aspirations of opening her own studio.


Junghee’s teaching philosophy is centered around communication, emphasis on fundamentals, and a mastery of various topics that are tailored to the students speed of learning and understanding. Above all, Junghee focuses on keeping her lessons fun and engaging in order to keep the students interest invested in the music.